On “Black Pilgrimages” (the term is borrowed from ‘Count Magnus’ by M. R. James) we meet up with other Companions to visit places associated with actual ghost stories, the lives of their authors, or places which have provided inspiration for ghost stories. Churches, cathedrals, manor houses, and other ancient and historic buildings feature prominently in the list of places visited as do other esoteric locations.

Royston Cave Carving
Enigmatic carving in cave in Royston, Cambridgeshire (Black Pilgrimage to Cambridge in 2012)

We have been to many places around the UK and sometimes they lead us to Europe in search of the inspirations of supernatural authors.

The first gathering was held in October 2005 in Great Malvern, Worcestershire and many other places have been visited since that occasion. Apart from visits to local ‘spooky’ places of interest, we have book sales, guest speakers, quizzes and film shows with ample opportunity for good food and drink at dinner events. These are social gatherings and there is ample time to visit local bookshops.

Kings College Cambridge
Kings College Cambridge, Black Pilgrimage 2012

There is at least one event every year and its during one of these we hold our AGM.

Further information on future planned and past events can be found under the menu.